Video 360




We offer 360 video services, capturing immersive experiences that highlight details and unforgettable moments. Transform your visual content with us and immerse yourself in a new dimension of audiovisual impact.


Auria Projects transforms your corporate events into unique experiences.

Hire the “Video 360” activity and personalise your celebration with our inflatable tent, reflecting the colours and identity of your company.

DKV inspires with the slogan “Give your purpose a twist”, infusing joy into corporate events in Madrid and Barcelona.

Attendees walked in with personalised signs highlighting their 2024 resolutions, creating an inspiring and engaged atmosphere.

Elevate your next business celebration with unique experiences that connect, motivate and set the course for shared success.

We specialise in customising events, adapting them professionally to your brand’s values and campaigns.

Let us bring your vision to reality, creating unique and memorable experiences that reflect the essence of your company.